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Time Tools teacher view

Time Tools

Which time tool would you like to use?


Complete classroom activities before the clock runs out.


Complete activities against the clock.

Step 1. Set the timer

Use the arrows to set the timer,
or click and type in the number fields




Step 2. Choose a character

You can select a character to deliver on-screen messages at key points during the lesson.

Include a character

Choose a character

    Step 3. Add class notes

    If you have any helpful notes for your class, you can add them here.
    You can also edit or add more notes whilst the timer is running.

    You're ready!

    You've completed the setup for your timer! Click the 'Begin session' button to launch the pupil and teacher timer screens. These screens will launch in separate tabs/windows depending on your browser settings.

    The teacher view allows you to control the timer and make changes to the class notes, which will show automatically in the pupil view.

    timer running

    Control the timer with the buttons and edit your class notes.






    Return to Time Tools home

    Are you sure you want to go to the Time Tools home screen?

    This will quit the current time tool and remove your settings.

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